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Gwinnett County is where we call home.

Gwinnett County is where most of the Fence Workshop employees call home. Furthermore, we sell more fence materials throughout the 15 municipalities in Gwinnett County than any other county in Georgia. Gwinnett’s location allows for easy access to Athens and UGA via University Parkway/GA Highway 316. Furthermore, Gwinnett’s location allows for easy access to Stone Mountain and Atlanta via Highway 78. And one last fun fact is that 80 percent of the US population is within a two hour flight.

How we show our love!

Because Gwinnett County is so close to our 10,000 square foot warehouse in Tucker, GA, we can almost always beat our competitor’s fence prices. We display all of our prices on our website so our customers can understand the honesty and integrity that our company strives for day in and out. Aside from great prices… it’s all about great people, and we have them. From our receptionists, to our certified fence supply professionals, warehouse staff and quality control crews, we have some of the best in the business. We treat our customers like our own neighbors and sometime they actually are. We go above and beyond industrial fence standards and provide fencing that is up to three times as strong and twice as long lasting as other fences. Our most commonly purchased fencing is our montage steel fences.

Gwinnett County Fence and Wall Codes, Regulations and Permits 

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