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Smooth Top Vs Spear Top Fence Pickets For Aluminum Fence

When planning out your aluminum fence project, you will probably want to consider whether spear tops or flat, or smooth tops, are appropriate for your aluminum fence panels. There are a few factors to consider when making this decision and we here at Fence Workshop™ are happy to help.

Benefits of Spear Top Fencing

Spear top fence posts are pointed caps that are designed into the fence segments themselves. A few things to consider when looking at spear top fences is the general appearance and aesthetic you are going for. Our spear tips extrude out from the top of the aluminum fence segment to give a traditional, elegant appeal while maintaining a blunted end to the point. These segments can be ordered so each spear point is aligned at the same height or in a staggered configuration.

The benefit of spear top fence segments is a look of traditional elegance meets modern contemporary design. Many homeowners seem to prefer this look when trying to boost their curb appeal and it’s a classic design used by a lot of living communities. All of Fence Workshop’s spear tipped pickets are made to exacting standards and conditions demanded by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA-2604) against corrosion and fading. We also use powder-coated finishes which have been proven to release far less Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) into the environment than traditional liquid coating applications. This means not only will your spear tipped fence look attractive; it’s environmentally friendly and will last a very long time.

Where Flat Top Fencing Leads The Way

Flat topped fence segments provide a sense of symmetry and order that a lot of owners tend to prefer. It’s an ideal way to accentuate a swimming pool area or provide a barrier and security without intimidation. Flat top fence panels have an added benefit of adding a horizontal bar across the top to give a more contemporary and modern feel to a property. And with your choice of a high quality powder coated finish, you can decide how that modern feel translates to the outside observer.

One of the big considerations we usually bring up is matching fence posts and segments with entrance ways and gates. An easy way to bring some sharpness to your fence project’s presentation is to have the fence posts or pickets accentuate your home. Spear tip pickets can seamlessly blend into a fluted aluminum archway. Conversely, flat top segments play beautifully into a more boxy flat top gateway. It’s all about the little details that make your aluminum fence project look as sharp as possible and it’s one of the biggest reasons to talk with one of our aluminum fence design specialists today at Fence Workshop™. Call today or email us to find out how your next aluminum fence project can come to life.

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