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Aluminum Fence Installation

How To Plan Your Aluminum Fence Project

Here at Fence Workshop, we’ve helped countless satisfied customers plan out, order, and build their aluminum fence projects. While we don’t do the installation ourselves, we will help you order exactly what you need. In this article, we’ll go over the process of installing your aluminum fence yourself. Depending on the scope of your aluminum fence project, you may want to enlist the help of either a general contractor or just a few friendly faces. But, rest assured, if you start your aluminum fence project with Fence Workshop, you will quickly discover that your aluminum fence can be installed very easily yourself. For a more in-depth guide to installing your Fence Workshop aluminum fence, refer to our aluminum fence installation guide.

Step 1: Pre-Plan

Every great aluminum fence project starts with a good plan. Have a goal in mind for what you want the fence to convey. Is it a security fence for your local swimming pool or is it an aesthetically pleasing accent for your gated community?

Fence Workshop works with clients from all different backgrounds. From the residential to commercial or industrial fencing projects, we are able and willing to supply all the fence posts, hitches, panels, gates, and rails you need to take your project from paper to reality.

And don’t worry; Fence Workshop makes ordering fence supplies super easy! Customers can choose from pre-packaged fence kits that include all the materials needed to build a complete fence or choose fence parts as needed. If you need help with your order, feel free to contact one of our fence design specialists for help on planning out precisely what you will need to complete your aluminum fence project.

Step 2: Order

Once your aluminum fence project is completely planned out, go ahead and order all the individual pieces. A fully planned out fence project using Fence Workshop will ensure you know precisely how many and what kind of fence supplies you need. Here are the components you’ll need to consider:


• Line posts – This is the post you’ll use when your fence is running straight across an area.
• Corner posts – Whenever your fence needs to turn 90 degrees, you’ll need a corner post.
• End posts – For starts and stops in the fence line, an end post is required.
• Gate posts – These heavier, reinforced posts are designed to hold the weight of gates and arches.

Fence Panels – Horizontal rails bear the weight of the vertical pickets or bars you’ll be installing between fence posts.

Hinges – Wherever a gate is located in your fence, you’ll need hinges to mount them onto the gate post. There are usually two per gate leaf.

Latches – Fence Workshop offers a great assortment of different latches to secure your fence gates.

Post Caps – You can choose the aesthetic feel you’re looking to give an aluminum fence project by selecting the right post cap. Our posts come standard with flat post caps, but we offer ball post caps for those looking for some added flare.

Deck Mounts – Whenever you need to put a post onto a hard surface like concrete, you will probably need to use anchor bolts and a mount for that post.

Wall Mounts – Any time a fence panel is going to be connected to another structure like a house or column, wall mounts will make that transition effortless and smooth. Swivel wall mounts are adjustable when considering an angled panel layout. Fixed wall mounts are ideal for straight runs of fence paneling.

Drop Rod – When installing a double gate, a drop rod will give you the option of opening just one side of the gate versus both sides.

Touch-up Paint – Dings and scratches will probably occur through heavy wear and tear. Touch-up paint that is color matched to the powder coated aluminum fence will ensure your fence continues to look beautiful even after normal wear and tear.

The great news is that all of these supplies are available and more when you work through a premier supplier of fencing materials like Fence Workshop. Our design analysts will help you plan out precisely what you will need so you can order it all the first time.

Step 3: Inventory

After you receive all your supplies through Fence Workshop and they arrive to your home or business, we always recommend doing a complete inventory to ensure that everything is ready to go. This will also speed up your staging and installation process. And, as always, Fence Workshop offers flawless customer support to work with you to identify any additional materials you may require.

Step 4: Stage

Once you have all your supplies inventoried and identified, we’ve found it to be helpful to lay it all out in roughly the order you intend to install it. To make this process even quicker, we recommend measuring out and putting down wooden stakes where you intend to install aluminum posts. This will give you quick visual alignment to ensure your aluminum fence project is installed flawlessly and to your specifications.

Step 5: Aluminum Fence Post Installation

Depending upon the surface you intend to install the fence posts, we recommend plotting out which ones will be installed by anchor plates and which will need to be dug out and reinforced with concrete. This will help you divide your time better between digging post ditches and mixing concrete.

Once the posts are all installed, feel free to add any post caps that you feel will accentuate your aluminum fence design.

Step 6: Aluminum Fence Panel Installation

In most cases, once the posts are installed in the correct order, fence panels should be ready to go up next. Posts should have holes pre-punched and customized to the section of fence you intend to construct. Ensuring all your blank faces are facing outward and inward (respectively), install your fence panels and screw them into place. Depending upon the height and configuration you may need a step ladder and an extra set of hands, but we’ve found the majority of our customers working in the 3 to 6 feet length range can do this solo.

Step 7: Aluminum Fence Gates

The last pieces to be installed will usually be your aluminum gates. These are the parts of the fence that will complete your project and make your aluminum fence a working masterpiece of security, elegance, and functionality.

If you’re excited about the possibilities and massive curb appeal that a custom aluminum fence can offer you, contact Fence Workshop today to learn about how the aluminum fence project of your dreams can become a reality.

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