10 Good Reasons to Hire Fence Workshop™ for your next Fence Project

Were more than just fences; We’re Friends:

1.We offer best in class manufacturers’ warranties on all our fencing products.

2. We build beautiful fences.

Want to have the most beautiful fence in the neighborhood? Few if any fence companies come close to matching our ability to factor aesthetics into a fencing project. Just look around our website! Here you can see high quality images of our work. When assessing a fence, take note of a good fences ability to flow smoothly with inclinations and declinations in the land. The most common flaw in the average company’s fences is their inability to properly plan for the slope of the land. This will cause the top of the fence to not flow smoothly. For us, planning for a fence’s slope is paramount.

3. We build strong fences.

Want your fence to last as long as possible? Few, if any, fence companies come close to matching our ability to factor the most advanced techniques available into the production of a fence. Read more about what makes our fences so strong.

4. We’re affordable.

At Fence Workshop™, we service thousands of Southeastern customers each year and have strong relationships with major fence manufacturers such as Ameristar™ & Bufftech™, as well as major lumber suppliers such as Yellawood™ and more. We work hard to streamline our operations, making for better efficiency, better fences and better prices. Furthermore, our fences have always sold themselves.

5. We are highly Qualified & Experienced

You won’t find a more qualified fence company in the Southeast. Our organization is composed of fencing veterans and degreed professionals specializing in fields such as landscape design and engineering. We have Certified Fence Professionals on staff.  Fence Workshop™ is licensed, bondable and highly insured.

6. We build every style of fence.

If you need something obscure or a fence with all the bells and whistles, contact Fence Workshop™. Exotic woods, containment for endangered animals, high fences, automatic access, maximum security, all of these are no problem. We supply one of the nation’s largest selections of fences and gates.

7. We’re honest.

We build great fences and use great materials. We want repeat customers, a consistent increase in word-of-mouth calls and new referrals. We will treat you fairly so you will be sure to reuse us for any future fence or gate needs and also send us more customers to dazzle.

8. We’re friendly.

Most of our customers have fun working with us to when designing their fence. We make the fence ordering process easy and pleasant. Our customers and staff often build long term relationships and continue working and networking with each other long after a project is completed.

9. We’re customizable.

We want our customers to have fences as unique as they are. All of our products and services are fully customizable, so you are sure to have the perfect fence that is unique to your home or organization, while serving its intended purpose.

10.We’re community oriented.

From the high-school football team to Habitat for Humanity, Fence Workshop™ is proud to sponsor, support and serve our community in any and every way we can.

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