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Wood fence installers Atlanta, GARepair and Sales in Atlanta, GA:

At Fence Workshop™, our wood fences are fully customizable and built on-site which means that we design and build you an excellent and unique wood fence that is built to suit your property in Atlanta. A new wooden fence is the perfect look for your Georgia home or business. This versatile material looks gorgeous and is great for providing security or a little decoration.  Because we build all of our wood fences on-site, we can easily construct them to handle the steepest inclinations and declinations without leaving gaps.

Installation Techniques – Atlanta Wood Fence Professionals:

These fences are state-of-the-art, as the posts are set in pre-mixed concrete and Quick-rok™, in belled holes, meaning that the concrete is more than three times the strength of normal concrete and the hole is much wider at the base making it twice as strong as well. Most wood fence gates (unless otherwise specified) are set on 6×6 posts that stand out more than the other posts, contributing to rigidity and aesthetics. Most commonly in Atlanta, the lumber we use is a pine wood with a MCQ pressure treatment and cedar. The pine is lighter, more natural looking, and safer (regarding the chemicals used in the treatment). As always, these fences come with Fence Workshop™,  5-Year Installation Warranty.

Wood Board Fences Atlanta, Georgia:

Wooden board fencing can be a beautiful way to set a boundary while still allowing for high visibility. From a simple two rail pine fence to a prominent five rail cross-buck constructed of cypress, we are one of Atlanta, GA’s largest installer of board fencing and offer a 5-year installation warranty with all fences we install.

Construction of Wood Board Fencing:

As with all Fence Workshop™ fences, our wood board fences are fully constructed on your property in Atlanta, Georgia. All pressure treated posts are set in belled holes with premixed concrete and quick-rok™ for extra stability and longevity. The fence is fully framed before the wire is stretched to the perfect tension, nailed into place and often followed up with cover boards (1×4 or 1×6 strips of lumber used to hide where the wire attaches to the fence posts and or framing). Due to its lower cost, wood and wire fences are most commonly constructed of pressure treated pine lumber, in Georgia. Other lumber choices that we offer include cedar, cyprmaximumess, oak and bamboo.

Purchasing a Wood Board Fence in Atlanta, GA:

When ready to purchase a wood board fence in Atlanta from Fence Workshop™, just give use a call toll-free or send us an email to get started. If you know already the style of fence that you want, let us know along with the footage of the fence, an accurate description of the terrain, the amount and size of the gates that you will be needing and any other necessary specifications. Not sure what you want? Call today and schedule a no-obligation consultation with one of our highly trained and experienced project managers.

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