Wood Fence Repair Alpharetta, GA

Wood Fence Repair Alpharetta, GA

Fence Workshop – Wood Fence Repair Alpharetta, GA Professional

Fence Workshop is an expert in all facets of wood fence repair. We will be more than happy to assist you with your wood fence repair project in Alpharetta, GA. Fence Workshop makes getting an estimate and scheduling your repair simple and quick.

How To Get A Quick Quote

Need to get a quick quote for your wood fencing repair? Give us a call or send us an e-mail with the details of your fence repair. We can typically provide quick quotes if a photo is provided of the damaged area of your fence. This eliminates the need for a site visit, making turnaround for your wood fence repair that much quicker. Include any important information you have access to such as fence height, the length of damaged area, and any other details that may be key to providing an accurate estimate.

Wood Fence Repair Alpharetta, GA Done Right – The First Time

Our experienced repairmen know the ins and and outs of wood fence installation which makes them experts at fence repair. They know all the steps that should be taken to complete a repair that will last, making your wood fence stronger than it was before. We’re familiar with all different types of wood fences including wood privacy fencing, split rail fencing, wood picket fencing, and post and wire fencing.

Avoiding Wood Fence Repair

Some wood fence repairs are hard to avoid such as repairs resulting from tree damage. But making sure your fence installer does a thorough job the first time is key to the longevity of your wood fence. Here are a few pointers to choosing a quality installer:

  • Make sure your fence installer is licensed and insured and knowledgable in the latest installation standards.
  • Ask them how they secure the fence posts and at what depth, how many rails of framing they’ll include, and what kind of warranty they include on their installation practice and materials.
  • If your property has inclinations and declinations, know whether the fence will be built to follow the contour of the ground, or if it will be stepped. The latter will create gaps at the bottom of the fence but may be more aesthetically pleasing depending on the style of wood fence you’ve chosen.
  • Wood gates can become a source of frustration overtime as the natural material is bound to make movements due to weather changes and general use. Know what your installer is doing to mitigate these issues. One such precaution is using Cedar framing on gates to reduce the weight. Another good standard to follow is the use of 6×6 posts on all wood gates, regardless of size, as they’ll be stronger and less likely to sag.

Remember, the key to avoiding any surprises along the way is to do your research and ask the right questions before mistakes are made!


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