Bike Framed Fence
Frames of bikes are built for strength, by means of material and design alike. The staff at Fence Workshop especially likes this fence for its display of strength, and its celebration of strength through alternating colors that create a patchwork effect. 

bike fence
Our Fence Workshop workaholics are also avid bike riders, and we love to ponder the parallel between bikes and fences. Both can be made of metal to create a network of connections that link to a bigger purpose. Both create a rhythm with motion that soothes the soul and embraces our connection with the ground below and universe beyond. Both embody strength and durability. At Fence Workshop, we love anything that helps us embrace our creativity and personality through objects that are a part of our everyday lives. Fences and bikes are part of what define us and make us stronger people.

gate made of a bike
A gate built around a bike, but not just around a bike, within a bike and beyond a bike. The spokes of a bike represent the same repetition of the pickets on a fence, and we love this centaur-like interpretation of a gate on wheels.

Fence made of black bicycles

Fences inherently create repetition with a display of pickets and posts, and our Fence Workshop employees feel that this fence made of old bikes evokes the same response. A never-ending display of circles is just as pleasing as a never-ending display of pickets. 

Standing on Bikes on Fence

At Fence Workshop we get so caught up with aesthetics that we forget fences are about function as well. Here’s to taking functionality to a new and unexpected level. 

fence made of bikes

This bike fence interests us at Fence Workshop because of its simplicity and adherence to the root of fence-building principles. You start with posts and then you add a frame. In this case, we like the variation on the frame.

gate made of bikes

Fence Workshop loves this gate because it’s a beautiful sculpture made of recycled materials. Bike wheels are functional and simple, and already resemble the construction of a fence in principle. Using bike wheels to fill in voids in a gate made of rusty steel is a pretty neat invention in our book. It seems the steel will be ever-changing as the rust changes patina while the spokes on the bike wheels evoke the same motion and transformation. 

Bike Framed Fence

Another fence made of only bike frames. You just can’t go wrong. They fit together like a glove, are wicked strong and look fun and sporty. One has to ask. Where do you get all those bike frames?

Driveway Gate Made of Bicycles
This driveway gate is just flat out cool! It’s a combination of two bikes welded to a metal frame and then painted jet black. The rigid bike frame will do a great job of preventing any gate sagging.  I wonder how close you have to be to realize it’s made of bikes…

Bicycle Garden Gate Design Idea
And the creativity ensues… This bike holds the world record for longest wheelie. We love this garden walk gate made of a frame and a bike. Recently we’ve been asked to build this gate along with a fence in Atlanta.

Bike Fencing