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Fences & Bikes: An Amicable Relationship

Bike Framed Fence
Frames of bikes are built for strength, by means of material and design alike. The staff at Fence Workshop especially likes this fence for its display of strength, and its celebration of strength through alternating colors that create a patchwork effect. 

bike fence
Our Fence Workshop workaholics are also avid bike riders, and we love to ponder the parallel between bikes and fences. Both can be made of metal to create a network of connections that link to a bigger purpose. Both create a rhythm with motion that soothes the soul and embraces our connection with the ground below and universe beyond. Both embody strength and durability. At Fence Workshop, we love anything that helps us embrace our creativity and personality through objects that are a part of our everyday lives. Fences and bikes are part of what define us and make us stronger people. (more…)

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