Custom Welded Decorative Iron Fencing

Fence Workshop™ – Custom Welded Iron Professionals:

Fence Workshop™ supplies and installs a large variety of custom welded decorative iron fences to match any desired style or design. These highly permanent fences can and will last for hundreds of years! We custom weld these fences for historic areas, cemeteries, residential home owners, business, industrial areas, neighborhood entrances and more.

Building Custom Welded Iron Fences:

Along with custom welding our iron fences, we also build brick and stone columns and knee walls to go along them. After determining a style or design, our wrought iron fences are then welded to specification and brought on-site and installed by us. When building these iron fences on stone or brick knee walls and columns, the post and other parts of the fence are best built into the stone or brick as it’s being built. This is why it’s important to have a company that can do both or make sure that if separate companies are used, they are working together to insure that the structure is built in the smartest and longest lasting way possible. We provide our services of building columns, knee walls and supplying and custom welding decorative ornamental wrought iron fences for customers here in the Southeast.

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