Chain Link Pool Fencing

Chain Link Pool Fencing – Supplied by Pool Fence Experts:

Chain link pool fence supply is something we value highly at Fence Workshop™. These pool fences are not just competitively priced, they are designed to last. Our staff of chain link pool fence experts have been supplying quality chain link fences around Southeastern pools for almost a decade now so when it comes to providing the best, our team knows how to do it.

Why use chain link for your pool’s fence?

Chain link swimming pool fencingChain link can make for a highly secured pool barrier, if properly planned and installed. If budget is a primary concern, the cost of chain link pool fencing is very affordable when compared to other types of fencing. For this reason, cities, states, neighborhoods, as well as families can benefit from this affordable form of swimming pool fence. If height of your pool fence is a factor, consider the fact that almost any height is possible when planning a chain link pool fence. Chain link pool fencing is also offered in many different colors, allowing it to match many environments it is installed in. Finally, repairs are much cheaper on a chain link pool fence then most other types of swimming pool fence.Chain link swimming pool fencing can be functional and affordable with Fence Workshop™.

Advantages of installing a fence supplied by Fence Workshop™:

At Fence Workshop™, our professional project mangers are well seasoned in supplying large volumes of pool fencing, including chain link pool fencing. Our customers can trust in their expertise and passion for insuring the safety of their pool and all those who visit it. As with all fences we supply, our chain link pool fences come with a best in class manufacturer warranty.

What to use when installing chain link around your pool:

When using chain link for your pool fence, the mesh size should not be larger that 1-1/4 inches square unless slats (fastened at the top or bottom of the fence) are used to reduce mesh opening to no more than 1-3/4 inches. Any gaps under the fence should be no more than 55mm or (2 inches) all the way around the fence. Chain link pool gates should be positioned on the shallow end of the pool, should open out (away from the pool),and should be self closing and self locking.

Pool Fence Fact
: Over half of all drowning accidents of children under the age of 14, are the result of inadequate pool fencing and supervision.

How we Ensure Safety with your Pool Fence:

At Fence Workshop™, we work closely with organizations that promote an increase in pool security, such as the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the National Swimming Pool Foundation, the Drowning Prevention Foundation and the National Safety Commission. We supply one of the largest volumes of pool fences in the Southeast, including chain link pool fencing. We’re a company that cares about our customers, their safety and the safety of everyone around them and everyone that visits their property. If you are needing a new pool fence for your home or business, we look forward to hearing from you and helping you with your project. When using our company to supply your pool fence, you can trust in our professionalism and experience.


Our chain link fencing is available in a variety of heights, gauges and colors. By working with any of our professional project managers, they will help to inform you of all pool code requirements, such as National BOCA pool codes.

Where does Fence Workshop™ supply chain link pool fencing?

At Fence Workshop™ we supply chain link pool fencing in Georgia, Florida and North Carolina areas like Atlanta GA, Athens GA, Augusta GA, Columbus GA, Macon GA, Savannah GA, Valdosta GA, Destin FL, Jacksonville FL, Orlando FL, Tallahassee FL, Tampa FL, Apex NC, Cary NC, Chapel Hill NC, Holly Springs NC, Raleigh NC, Wake Forest NC and many more.

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