Wood Pool Fencing

Wood Pool Fencing Experts in the Southeast:

Repairs and supplies – this is what the staff at Fence Workshop™ can provide for your new wood pool fence. Georgia, Florida and North Carolina are no stranger to our expertly crafted wood pool fences. Our Southeastern fence company has been servicing these places with our expertly trained staff of wood pool fence experts for almost a decade now. Fence Workshop™ can help you through every step of the planning, purchasing and construction process that comes along with the building of your new wood pool fence.

What is the Advantage to Wooden Privacy Pool Fencing?

The major advantage of a wooden privacy pool fence is that it provides privacy that can’t be found when using metal fencing. While providing more privacy, our custom built wooden pool fences are designed and built to meet National BOCA pool code.

Pool Fence Fact: Did you know that most pool fences do not fully meet nation and local pool codes? This leaves the property owner vulnerable to fines, penalties, and worst of all, an intrusion that could potentially lead to an injury or even death.

More on this Great Pool Privacy Fence:

Another great advantage of our wooden pool fencing, is the customizability. You can customize your new wooden pool fence with a built-in grilling station, swing, storage box or even a space designed to hide pool equipment, pumps etc. While solid wood privacy fencing is most common, semi-privacy fencing is still a great option for wooden pool fences, if built to code. For example; A 4 foot tall semi privacy fence would only comply toNational BOCA pool codes if the picket spacing is no greater than 1 3/4″. When moving to a taller fence, the picket spacing can increase to between 1 3/4″ to 3″, but the spacing between the horizontal rails must be at least 45″ apart. When properly spacing pickets and horizontal rails on your wooden semi-privacy pool fence, it will make it difficult for children to get a foothold and climb the fence. These are just a few of many national codes and requirements for wooden pool fences, but always be sure to check local codes as well.


All fences displayed on our main wood privacy fence page, can be used and built in compliance with National BOCA and local pool codes, please visit this page to see and read about available options, while keeping in mind that all of our wooden fences are fully fully customizable.

Where does Fence Workshop™ install wooden pool privacy fences?

At Fence Workshop™ we supply wood pool fences in Georgia, Florida and North Carolina areas like Atlanta GA, Athens GA, Augusta GA, Columbus GA, Macon GA, Savannah GA, Valdosta GA, Destin FL, Jacksonville FL, Orlando FL, Tallahassee FL, Tampa FL, Apex NC, Cary NC, Chapel Hill NC, Holly Springs NC, Raleigh NC, Wake Forest NC and many more.

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