Split Rail Fencing

Fence Workshop™ proudly supplies split rail fences in Georgia, Florida and North Carolina. Whether you’re looking to aesthetically enhance your home and property or create a visible boundary, our split rail fences are the perfect choice for many different applications. These natural looking fencing are the perfect way to set boundaries at your property. We most commonly build split rail fences for homes, parks and recreational areas in and around the Southeast.

Supplying Split Rail Fences:

We supply both pressure treated pine and cedar split rail fencing for our customers here in the Southeast. We offer many options with our split rail fences. Two of the most common styles are rough cut and smooth rail split rail lumber.

Wood Split Rail Fence installation in Georgia, Florida and North Carolina. Split rail fencing sales installation and repair in Georgia, Florida and North Carolina.

Advantages to Installing a Split Rail Fence:

Another great feature of our split rail fences are its natural and beautiful looks. Split rail fences are the most naturally looking fences to lineate a property, since the rails look like a natural tree due to its shape and rough cuts. This works well with parks and homes in rural areas.. Also a lot of HOA’s prefer split rail fencing to add a gentle look to the neighborhood. As is with all fences that we supply, our products come with a best in class manufacturer warranty.

Where do we supply our split rail fences?

At Fence Workshop™ we supply split rail fences in Georgia, Florida and North Carolina areas like Atlanta GA, Athens GA, Augusta GA, Columbus GA, Macon GA, Alpharetta GA, Marietta GA, Conyers GA, Lawrenceville GA, Woodstock GA, Braselton GA, Orlando FL, Apex NC, Cary NC, Chapel Hill NC, Holly Springs NC, Raleigh NC, Wake Forest NC and many more. As always, our products come with a best in class manufacturer warranty.

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