Residential Galvanized Chain Link Fencing?

Residential Galvanized Chain Link:

Fence Workshop™galvanized chain link fences are unique and have their own distinct advantages. We invite you to experience for yourself what the Fence Workshop™ difference can mean for your fencing project. We offer the good people of Florida, GeorgiaNorth Carolina, and South Carolina products and services they can trust at a price they can afford. Read on to see what makes our galvanized chain link fences a cut above the rest.

Residential Galvanized Chain Link Fencing:

A major difference and advantage of the galvanized chain link fences that we deliver compared to that of most other local suppliers and installers is that our fencing materials are domestically manufactured in the United States and up to three times as strong as comparable imported wire mesh chain link. Our galvanized chain link products consist of cold-formed steel, a 90% zinc interior coating, hot dipped uniform zinc galvanization after fabrication, a conversion coating and finally a clear organic coating. This makes these products much stronger, much more rust resistant, much longer lasting and all around far superior to that of other widely used wire mesh products imported from other countries.

Galvanized Chain Link Fence Information:

Our galvanized chain link fence consists of domestic, 11.5 gauge, galvanized steel chain link rather than a much lower quality compressed, and imported galvanized wire mesh, which is commonly used throughout the Southeast. The fence has both a top rail and a bottom “tension wire” with posts set on 10 foot centers. Terminal posts are posts with a larger diameter, set at each end and each turn and on both sides of a gate. At each terminal post, the chain link stops and is attached to the post with tension bands and tension straps. Terminal posts are commonly set in belled holes with pre-mixed concrete and Quick-Rok™. This means that the base of the post holes are wider than the top and the concrete is much stronger (over 3x the psi of regular concrete) and cures faster. Proper and professional engineering is a must when building a galvanized chain link fence. As with all fences supplied by Fence Workshop™, e offer best in class manufacturers’ warranties on all our fencing products.

We Proudly Service the Southeast:

At Fence Workshop™, we supply and professionally deliver all styles of chain link fencing, including residential and commercial galvanized chain link. Our service areas for residential fencing supply cover Florida, GeorgiaNorth Carolina and South Carolina. We provide commercial fencing services to these states, as well as select cities in other Southeastern states.

Residential Galvanized Chain Link Cost:

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