Rackable Fence Panels – The Fence Workshop Difference

An essential for properties with hills or slopes:

A rackable fence panel is one that can adjust to the slope of your land without being stair stepped. Solid aluminum fence panels, like those sold at major home improvement stores, must be stair stepped whenever there is an inclination or declination in your fence line. By stair stepping a fence, it creates unsecured gaps at the bottom that allow people and animals in and out. Furthermore, a stair stepped fence will have a jagged top fence line, jumping up and down every time there is a slope in the land.

ATF™ (All Terrain Fencing)Rakable Aluminum Fence Panels:

Rakable fence panel by Ameristar

Our rackable fence panels are far superior to solid panels, as they allow for a much more secured fence, as well as a smooth and esthetically pleasing top line. Whether purchasing it through us or a major home improvement store, an aluminum fence is a significant investment in your home or business and should not be taken lightly. Now that you know one of the many major differences in our aluminum fences and the majority of those sold by other companies, we hope it will help in the process of making a smart purchasing decision that will provide you with the most long term value for your money. This fence comes with a lifetime manufactures warranty.

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