Fence Workshop Pet Fencing

Pet fencing supplied by Fence Workshop™ were made with your furry friends in mind. We offer several aluminum fence styles that are designed specifically for keeping small pets and children safe and secure. Shop our “puppy picket” and “double picket” styles below!

Puppy Picket Style Aluminum Fence Options

Style, budget, and your dog’s breed are important factors to consider when planning your dog’s new fence. Puppy picket styles are ideal for customers who want both visibility and security for their furry friends. Pickets in the bottom quarter of these styles will be spaced every 1 5/8″, while the pickets throughout the rest of the panel are spaced the standard 3 13/16″. These styles are rackable (will slope with the ground up to 30 degrees) and are fully powder coated. Shop our aluminum puppy picket fence styles below!

Double Picket Aluminum Fence Styles

Have a pup that’s an escape artist? Look no further! Fence Workshop’s Double Picket options will help to secure the sneakiest of pets. These aluminum fences have pickets that are spaced 1 5/8″ throughout the entire panel. This not only gives the customer more security for animals both entering and leaving their space, but it also presents a more secure look. These options are rackable (will slope with the ground up to 30 degrees) and full powder coated. Shop our Double Picket style aluminum fence options below!


Fast Shipping To Your Doorstep

Fence Workshop™ supplies and ships high quality aluminum fence materials all over the USA. You can shop all of our Pet Fencing as well as many other styles of aluminum fence here.


Dog Fencing – A No Brainer For Dog Owners

There are a wide variety of ways to confine your dog, but some provide more safety and security than others. If you value the ability to let your dog run free in your yard without having to worry about either your pet’s safety or the safety of others who might encounter your pet, we recommend high quality fencing that you can trust. Aluminum fencing is great for DIY-ers because they are easier to install than wood or wrought iron fencing which typically require the help of professional installers and year round up keep. Plus, our aluminum fences can rack with the contour of the ground, making sure that gaps at the bottom of the fence are mitigated. No system is perfect, but if you have a dog, installing secure fencing will help your dog lead a healthier, happier life.


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