Fence Staining and Sealing

Stain and Seal in Georgia, Florida and North Carolina

Fence Workshop™ knows you need your new fence stained or sealed to keep it looking great! Staining and sealing can turn a good looking fence into a great looking fence, as well as turning a long lasting fence into a really long lasting fence.

The Benefits of Stain and Seal

For Pressure Treated Pine:

The most important thing about a fence is the material used in its construction. If a customer has a pine fence then it is advantageous to the life of the fence to protect it with some sort of staining/paint or sealant. Since pressure treated pine is only protected from rot and bug infestation, it still has a strong tendency to warp. Warping occurs when the boards collect moisture overnight, or were freshly pressure-treated and “wet”, and are then drastically dried out by the sun. This causes fence panels to shrink and dis-form, leaving curved pickets, rails, and possibly posts. The thicker the piece of wood the less likely it is to warp.

With pressure treated pine lumber, the pine is soaked in chemicals to protect it that will stay in the wood for about 1 to 3 months, depending on the humidity, weather of the region, the season, and when/were it is installed. To properly apply a stain or paint, the product needs to penetrate the wood. This cannot happen if the chemicals are still inside. Because of this, we recommend waiting until the wood has dried properly before applying the stain or sealant product. The two major reasons for protecting the pine are:

  • -To inhibit warping by applying a sealant that will not allow moisture to keep entering the wood.
  • -To protect from UV discoloration on the out layer of the pine.

When pine gets “burnt” it does not look pretty; unlike cedar that burns a uniform pewter/gray color – pine will burn to a splotchy grey and brown. This can be unsightly and can make the fence or deck look much older and less presentable within the first 8 months.

For Cedar Lumber:

Cedar lumber has natural oils in it that protect from rotting and bug infestation. Because of this fact there is no need for a chemical treatment, thus the wood is dried and ready to be protected as soon as it is installed. Cedar is the one product that does not need to be protected to prevent warping since it is a much more stable species. The only reason to put  a protectant on cedar will be to keep the wood from aging. UV rays will bake the outer layer of the wood causing it to grey. Some customers and avid gardeners like the look of aged cedar and will leave the product alone. This is absolutely fine if you don’t mind the color, as the wood will still hold its dimension for up to 20-25 years.

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