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At Fence Workshop™ of Durham, NC we have one of the highest levels of experience supplying wood and wire farm fencing, post and rail farm fencing and more. We supply fences in order to keep in a variety of animals, and we know exactly how to cater to their special needs. We love the beautiful, wide open properties found throughout Durham, and we can add a wood, chain link or barbed wire fence to secure these areas.

Farm Fence Professionals:

Because of our experience, we understand just how curious animals can be around a new fence. Horses, for example, will generally test a new fence by leaning and pawing against it. We understand what materials, procedures and precautions to take to ensure our farm fences stand the test of time and curiosity of large animals. We ensure your animals’ total safety throughout the entire process.

Why choose Fence Workshop™ for farm fencing in Durham, North Carolina?

  • We supply all styles of farm fencing (wood & wire, post and rail, t-post & barbed wire, galvanized and black vinyl coated hog wire, no-climb horse fencing).
  • Our farm fences come with a best in class manufacturer warranty.
  • We Service Durham, NC and surrounding areas like Apex, Wake Forest, Cary, Raleigh and more.

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