Woof, woof! Bark! Oh, I’m sorry. I forgot you don’t speak dog. Anyway, welcome to my yard! I noticed you checking out my new dog fence from Fence Workshop™. They just came and installed it last week. It was great because I haven’t seen my owners smile so much in a long time! Usually when they have to spend money on something they get a little grumpy and don’t want to play fetch with me, so it must have been pretty affordable! I know my owners were trying to decide which type of fence would be best for me and the yard. They had a lot of options to choose from, like wood privacy and vinyl picket fences, wood and wire, chain link fences, aluminum and steel fences.


I’m a little on the small side (though my owners love me just the way I am!) so they wanted to make sure the fence they chose would keep me safe. Luckily Fence Workshop™ installs prefabbed aluminum or steel panels with the option of shrinking the picket spacing to 2” or 3” for small dogs like me. I really love the fence they chose. It lets me run around and play without having to be stuck on a leash or a tie-up all day! My owners don’t worry about letting me go out to the bathroom anymore because they know I’m safe. I think they’re happy with the way my new fence looks, too, because when we were out for a walk we stopped by to talk to some of our neighbors. The neighbors just kept saying how great my fence looks, and my owners just smiled and said thanks (they’re pretty humble).

A while back I had a doggie friend down the street that had one of those “fences” that aren’t really fences, just wire in the ground. His collar zapped him all the time, and whenever he got shocked I could hear his yelp all the way from my yard. It sure sounded like it hurt a lot. I really had to wonder about why his owners would do that to him. Then one day a stray came down the street and waltzed right through his “fence”. Let’s just say the result wasn’t pretty. I’m so happy to have a real fence that keeps me safe from unfriendly dogs. It keeps small kids safe from me too (I have to make up for my small size by being a little fiesty). Not to mention the terrors of chaining us dogs up.

My new owners are really glad they called Fence Workshop™ for my new fence. They said later that the installers were really friendly and definitely knew what they were doing. I think my new owners were especially excited that Fence Workshop’s products come with a best in class manufacturer warranty, so not only can they relax about me being safe, they can relax about their investment too!

You can make your four-legged friend as happy as I am (and you just might become as happy as my owners are) by Shopping Fence Workshop™ Fences Now if you live in Georgia, Florida and North Carolina cities like Atlanta, Athens, Savannah, Raleigh, Apex, Jacksonville, Orlando and more. I think it’s my nap time (it’s a dog’s life, I know) but you should call now to get started on making your doggie’s dreams come true! Phone: (404) 973-2911 Email: [email protected] Get a quote: Online Quick Quote Form