Custom Wood Driveway Gates in Atlanta, GA

Custom Wood Driveway Gates in Atlanta, GA

Custom Wood Driveway Gates Atlanta GeorgiaFence Workshop™ of Atlanta, GA can build an infinite number of wooden fences custom to your preferences. No matter what your inspiration is, we can mimic a variety of styles, or built a custom look altogether. Our in-house wood craftsmen have years of experience and expertise installing a variety of wooden gate styles. If you’re not sure of the wooden gate style you want, it’s no problem. Contact us and we will explain the common options, answer questions, give ideas and work with you to design the perfect wood driveway gate for your needs.

What to ask yourself when designing a wood driveway gate in Atlanta, GA?

  • How wide of a space does your gate need to span? 
  • How will the gate open? (slide or swing) 
  • How tall do you want your gate to be? 
  • Do you want visability through the gate? 
  • How much do you want to spend? 
  • What do you want your gate to be made of? (pine, cedar, hardwood) 
  • Do you want your gate built with our without metal framing? 
  • Will your gate be automated? 
  • What type of look are you going for? (modern, classic, traditional) 
  • Do you want to use vertical boards, horizontal boards or both? 
  • Do you want your gate to be stained or painted? 

Professional Services

At Fence Workshop™ of Atlanta, GA, our wood driveway gates are built to last a lifetime. That’s why we hang all of our swing gates on metal or 6″x6″ pressure treated wood posts. We set each gate post above and beyond the nationally recognized standards with a minimum of 1/3 the post’s length in the ground with a wide base of wet mix concrete and Quick-Rok™ combination that cures up to 5 times stronger and longer lasting than standard concrete post footings.

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