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Privacy Policy & Terms of Use

Your Privacy and Security is Our Highest Priority:

Here you can read about the information we collect from our website visitors, how we use that information and security measures we have in place to protect your information. Here we also outline how to properly use our website and respect the copyright of our content and images. Call us at 1-888-802-5252 [email protected]

Privacy Policy & Terms of Use:

Fence Workshop™ is fully committed to respecting our site visitor’s privacy and security. We ask that all site user respect the hard work of our staff by not using pictures or content from our sites, for commercial purposes. The following is a general overview of our online privacy policy and terms of use.

Collection of Information:

We do not collect personal information without it being volunteered by the site user. Personal information can currently be collected on three different pages on our site; feedback, quick quote and schedule an estimate. Fence Workshop™ may also collect and store analytical information on the number of pages visited on our site, time spent on our site and other general statistical information. All analytical information collected is accessed by our webmaster and company owners only.

Sharing of Information:

Fence Workshop™ will not sell, show, rent or lease any personally identifiable information to third parties. All information collected is for internal use only.


We are committed to protecting the security of any information you provide us with. We contract one of the nation’s top IT consulting companies to ensure that all information that we collect, is fully protected and unable to ever be hacked into or accessed by any outside party.

Links to Other Sites: contains links to other sites not owned by our company. Fence Workshop™ is not responsible for the privacy practices, content or accuracy of content on those websites. Users should always seek out a websites privacy policy before submitting any information.

Accuracy of Site:

Fence Workshop™, has built this site to be a resource to our customers in Georgia, Florida and North Carolina as well as fence contractors and fence buyers across the United States. Fence Workshop™, LLC. shall not be held liable for the accuracy of an information that we have provided on this site including but not limited to pricing, company credentials and statistics.

Theft Of Content & Pictures:

Many people consider the internet like the wild wild west and have little knowledge of what is and is not legal. Many internet users take images and content as they please and often get away with it, not knowing they have committed an actual crime. At Fence Workshop™ Inc. we take the theft of our pictures and content very seriously. Many people do not understand that whoever takes a picture, is the copyright holder of that image, unless they sell it to someone else. That means that it is not necessary to place a written copyright on the image or webpage to be the common law copyright holder. When an image is stolen from a common law copyright holder, that holder may send out a cease and desist and demand the image be taken down. At Fence Workshop™, we understand that most people are just unaware or have had their site built by someone else. Upon discovering a stolen image, our marketing media director will send out an email asking that the image be taken down within about a weeks time. If a company or unauthorized individual is still displaying our images or content after we have asked that it be taken down, our attorneys will send out a cease and desist to you or your company. If images or content is still being displayed after sending a cease and desist, we reserve the right to federally prosecute the offending company or unauthorized individual. Offenders may be subject to an FBI investigation and up to $250,000 in fines and 5 years in prison. 

Acceptance of Terms

Fence Workshop™, LLC. may modify or this online privacy policy at any time, and such modifications shall be effective as soon as the modification is posted. Fence Workshop™ will always post the date of last modification on this page. Accordingly, you (the site user) agree to review the policy periodically, and your continued access and use of this site shall be deemed your acceptance of the modified privacy policy and terms of use. Furthermore, you (the site user) agree to hold Fence Workshop™ LLC., harmless for installation issues, warranty issues, customer service issues, pricing accuracy, and for the accuracy of the information and images within this website .

If you have questions, comments or suggestions for our online privacy policy and terms of use, send us an email.

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