Atlanta Fence Company Reviews

Fence Workshop™: Customer Testimonials 

“Everything just went really well with the company and their work. The whole package of working with them was very organized and good. Adam and Chris really made me feel comfortable and they know a lot about fences. They’ve actually already been asked by our neighbor to do some fencing for their home. I’ll be keeping in contact with them for sure because I think we are going to have them install some driveway gates as well.”

Cassie  Moreland
Atlanta, GA

“I found myself shopping for a fence just after Christmas when we decided to get our son a puppy for his Christmas present. It’s a little more complicated than I thought, and there are SO many options, but Gerry was very patient with me and helped me figure out the best solution to fit our house and keep our new dog safe. Installation was flawless, and I really have nothing but good things to say about Fence Workshop. Job well done, guys!”

Nicole Trent
Raleigh, NC 

“The experience was 100% perfect. Fence Workshop are wonderful people. My salesman was wonderful. He was very professional and he worked very hard to provide what was best for me and my family. I loved the quality of the wood work. I loved the materials they used. I had two experiences and both were perfect. I was happy overall with the whole process and I would recommend Fence Workshop to everyone.”

Janice Ray
Atlanta, GA 

“I love it!  It is like a whole new backyard with that fence up there!  Thank you so much.”

Erica Wood
Atlanta, GA 

“We had a few car break-ins at my condo building, so it was apparent that we needed to upgrade our security. Being the HOA President, I met with several different vendors, and most of them just tried to sell us on an expensive solutions. I felt like the guys at Fence Workshop really listened to us and gave us options that responded to our needs (including our budget). They saved us a lot of headache and we will definitely use them in the future.”

Kimberly Smith
Atlanta, GA 

“Having recently purchased a new home I wondered how I would deal with the backyard and fence that did not meet my needs. Adam came to my home and provided some very intelligent, patient and creative recommendations for maximizing my yard space and contain my two dogs. Follow up was provided by Fence Workshop and there were several opportunities to provide feedback to them. They have a true interest in customer service which is nice to see these days. In then end, I love my fence and feel much more secure. That’s some accomplishment; thank you Fence Worksop!”

Eric Johnson
Atlanta, GA 

“I’ve had Fence Workshop build a fence for me before, but this time I basically needed a fence just to politely show my neighbor that he had encroached on the property line at my new house. Chris came out and helped me plot out the fence along the actual property line, which helped me approach my neighbor in a friendly way about the issue. In the end we both got a new great fence out of the deal that we were able to share the cost of, and it has pickets on both sides so that both of us see the front side of a fence. How great is that! Thanks, Chris!

Cindy Osborne
Peachtree City, GA 

“They were prompt. They were clean. They got the job done well and in a timely manner. All my expectations were met. 

Dean Thomas
Decatur, GA