Because Fence Workshop™ is a premier supplier of fence posts, hitches, gates, and segments, we get asked a lot of questions by both general contractors and residential home owners. In this section, we’ll address some of the most commonly asked questions about aluminum fence projects.

Q: Why should I build a fence around my pool?

A: For both commercial and residential swimming areas, a sturdy aluminum fence can decrease your liability of unwanted guests in your pool and is also a legal requirement in most jurisdictions. If you plan out your aluminum fence project with Fence Workshop™, you can get all the materials you need to ensure only the proper people have access to your commercial or residential swimming area — a relief for you and your clients.

Q: Why is aluminum an ideal material to build a swimming pool fence?

A: A swimming area is subject to a lot of water and humidity. While it’s possible to design a fence for a swimming area comprised of wood and other materials, aluminum is a very ideal material due to its rust and corrosion resistant properties. More importantly, aluminum segments are easy to install and maintain — ensuring your swimming area remains secured and looking good for a long time to come.

Q: Is an aluminum fence ideal for privacy around the pool?

A: Because we work with a wide variety of aluminum fence segments, we’re able to help you design an aluminum fence perfect for guarding your pool area. Some customers request aluminum fence for their pool because it allows them to closely monitor who is using their pool. For commercial applications such as an apartment complex swimming pool, an aluminum fence is ideal for keeping unwanted visitors out and keeping a close watch on who is using it.

Different aluminum fence projects will require different designs. Check with your local codes to ensure you’re not limited in the height of a possible pool fence. We recommend designing a fence that uses a mixture of natural foliage as well as the sturdy reinforced aluminum bar so you’re able to retain a fairly decent degree of privacy while still being able to monitor the pool area for visitors.

Q: Should I build my pool fence so it touches the concrete or give it some breathing room?

A: At Fence Workshop™, we’re able to supply fence posts and anchors that will work with both a concrete platform as well as regular ground installation. Fences that hug the concrete platform are more easily reinforced. Drilling individual fence posts into the soil will require basic concrete to ensure the fence structure is sturdy.

Q: Should I install an aluminum fence directly into the concrete platform of the swimming pool area?

A: In general, we always recommend that you do not install your aluminum fence directly on or into the concrete platform of the pool area. It’s far easier to install at the perimeter of the concrete platform or at a stand-off distance.

Q: Do you also supply aluminum hitches, gates, and other aluminum fence accessories for developing my pool fence project?

A: Yes! We offer a wide range of both aluminum segments, hinges, latches, deck mounts, wall mounts, drop rods, and more. Fence Workshop™ is your one-stop shop for designing your complete aluminum privacy fence for your swimming area.

We recommend talking to one of our fence design specialists to work out a custom plan which will enable your commercial or residential property to have the very best placement of aluminum fence segments to allow for both controlled access and the right degree of monitoring.

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