SafeTech 3.5″ Adjustable Tension Gate Hinge Set

The SHG90L Gate Hinge is a heavy duty gate hinge built for precision adjustments and easy installation. This hinge can be used on both metal and wood gates and can withstand all weather types. Adjusting tension levels is easy with defined, definite click adjustments. Once you’ve found the correct level of tension, use the provided Allen wrench to click the level. Removing tension is also a breeze, just use the key supplied in your kit.

What Is Supplied In The Set?

– (2) SafeTech 3.5″ Adjustable Tension Gate Hinges
– Mounting Screws
– Tension Adjustment Wrench
– Finishing Caps

Material Specifications

– Molded Polymers and Stainless Steed Components
– Spring Loaded
– Adjustable Tension
– Black Color
– Pool Code Approved

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