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Buying a fence can be an overwhelming process for anyone and especially so for those unfamiliar with fencing materials. Fence Workshop offers an easy solution that saves time and eliminates the guess-work, making sure you’ve got everything you’ll need to build a beautiful, complete aluminum fence.

How Do All Inclusive Fence Kits Work?

We’ve taken our most popular styles and created packages based on common lengths and layouts. In each package, you’ll get all the panels, end posts, corner posts, line posts, gate posts, and gate(s) required to create the space you’ve been dreaming of. The kit will also include all of the various hardware required for successful install. Once you’ve chosen the size package that best fits your needs, you’ll see some suggested layouts and uses for that particular package. Keep in mind that these are just suggestions – don’t be discouraged if the dimensions associated with each option do not exactly fit your space. Dimensions can be modified and you can place the gate anywhere within the fence line. Before purchasing a fence kit, quickly go through the following check list to make sure the kit will cover your needs:

– How much footage will I need to cover?
(make sure the fence kit you’ve chosen is large enough)

– How many corners will my layout include?
(compare this number to the number of corner posts included in your kit)

– Will my fence come to an end point? If so, how many?
(compare this number to the number of end posts included in your kit)

What If I Need Extra Pieces Of Material?

If you find that a package mostly fits your desired layout but you’ll need an additional piece of material, such as a corner post, you can always purchase it separately. There will be additional materials in the style you’ve selected listed at the bottom of the fence kit page that can easily be added to your cart.

What About Installation?

Once you’ve received your all inclusive fence kit, the next step is to get it installed. Whether you’ll be installing yourself, or hiring an installer, our installation guide is here to make the process stress free. Once you’ve purchased a kit, you’ll receive an email with a detailed installation video as well as a downloadable PDF outlining the various steps and tools required. You can also access these materials here on our installation page.

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