WireWorks® Anti-Climb

WireWorks Anti-Climb®

The Standard for Anti-Vandal Fencing:

The WireWorks Anti-Climb® system is a unique perimeter security product that maintains a guarded display of visual screening balancing the need to delay and deter an attack.  WireWorks Anti-Climb® combines a mesh that discourages cutting and climbing with framework that can support a total security platform.


The welded wire used for WireWorks Anti-Climb® is designed to provide a higher level of deterrence through its tightly fabricated design.


The WireWorks Anti-Climb® mesh configuration is constructed to supply high levels of delay with a surface that discourages cutting and climbing.


The WireWorks Anti-Climb® structure is the same unique design used in Ameristar’s anti-ram and high security fencing products.  This architecture provides the strongest platform for security integration and system strength offered in the perimeter security industry


  • -Petroleum & Chemical Facilities
  • -Power Plants & Substations
  • -Manufacturing Plants
  • -Military Sites
  • -Government Facilities
  • -Airports
  • -Railway
  • -Roadways
  • -Ports of Entry


High security Welded Wire architectural fenceThe WireWorks Anti-Climb® rail can be used as a platform for multiple perimeter security elements.  The WireWorks Anti-Climb®framework is a raceway for wiring, conduits, and/or security cabling required around the perimeter of a project.  This integrated design eliminates the need for costly trenching and boring becoming a value added solution for perimeter security upgrades.

Other Products that use WireWorks Anti-Climb® as a Platform:

  • -Communication & Video cables
  • -Intrusion Detection / Fiber Optic Cables
  • -Access Control Wiring
  • -Conduits
  • -Anti-ram Cabling (Stalwart®) Structure


The WireWorks Anti-Climb® framework and mesh attachments are constructed using retainer brackets and security fasteners.  Each of these attachments provides ease of installation and a tamper-proof

construction that cannot easily be breached.


WireWorks Anti-Climb® has the option to be fitted with barb-arm outriggers which can support barbwire or barbed tape obstacles providing heightened visual deterrence.


Ameristar understands the importance of balancing perimeter security with the highest quality entry control gates.  WireWorks Anti-Climb® has a wide variety of Swing, Slide, and Cantilever Gates to match any entry.


WireWorks Anti-Climb® is protected with Ameristar’s unique PermaCoat® multi-layer coating process.  The combination of these layers delivers a system that increases weathering resistance and product durability. The architecture of  WireWorks Anti-Climb® integrates a high security mesh into a framework that is unparalleled in strength and application.

  • -I-beam Posts – 2-3/4” x 3” x 11 ga. OR 2-3/4” x 4” x 11 ga.
  • -Platform Rails – 2-1/8” x 2-1/8” x 12 ga. Anti-Cut/Anti-Climb
  • -Mesh – 1/2” x 3” x 10.5 ga.


WireWorks Anti-Climb® is manufactured using the highest quality materials and is backed with Ameristar’s 10 year warranty.

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