The Top Zombie-Proof Fences

If your home or business is located in the Southeast, especially Metro Atlanta, there’s a chance that those lumbering, brain-loving zombies you see out your window are just actors filming AMC’s hit show The Walking Dead. But if you don’t see a film crew or any production assistants running around, you could be in a heap of trouble. Even if you’ve spent hours playing Plants vs. Zombies, all that training won’t be enough to prepare you for the real thing. Luckily, you don’t have to leave such important matters to chance! Fence Workshop™ supplies  the fencing you need to zombie-proof your home or business. Here are the top fences that will keep the grey-matter munching undead at a safe distance:

1. Chain Link Security Fencing. This is a great basic option for securing your property from that immanent zombie attack. With various height, color, gate and lock options, you can rest easy that your run-of-the-mill undead creature will be stopped well short of you and yours. For that extra-level of security, add some barbed or razor wire to the top to make those climbing zombies think twice about an assault on your property.

2. Invincible™ Security Fencing. Sure, you might have it easy and only have the lazy zombies come marauding down your street. But do you want to bet your life on it? Kick your security up a notch with Fence Workshop’s Ameristar™ Invincible™ Security Fencing. Featuring outwardly curving spear-topped pickets that extend 18 inches above the top rail, Invincible™ fences have the strength and durability to keep out even the most determined brain-lusting creature of the night. Unless you face some sort of gymnast zombie, climbing won’t be an option. It’s called Invincible™ for a reason! Plus, Invincible™ Security fences come with a best in class manufacturer warranty.

3. Matrix™Security Fencing. For the discerning individual or business wanting to be prepared for even the worst case scenario (bungie jumping, pole-vaulting, or ladder-wielding zombies), Fence Workshop™ supplies Matrix™Security System Fencing. Much more than a fence, the Matrix™ system can even provide full enclosure of an area at your industrial site, from securing your A/C unit (it’s best to keep cool during zombie invasions) to large areas of your property. Unless the hordes of the undead have commandeered a helicopter, nothing is getting over your Matrix™ Security System Fencing, which can be installed at heights over 24 feet!

4.Impasse™ Security Fencing. It turns out that there is a worse worst case scenario: truck-driver zombies are barreling toward your property with their big rigs. With any other fence you might be pulling the straps on your bike helmet, your brain’s last meagre line of defense against a zombie feast, a little tighter. But with Fence Workshop’s Ameristar™Impasse™ Security Fencing, you can breathe easy. Truck-driving or battering-ram carrying zombies will reach an impasse, literally, if they try to smash through this fencing. Sucessfully tested to the U.S. Department of State’s K8 Anti-Ram rating, Impasse™ Security Fencing can stop a 15,000 pound truck traveling 40 mph within 1 meter of the fence line! If that’s not tough enough for you, we suggest looking into the mountain bunker real estate market.

Those are some of the best fencing options for keeping your brains right where they belong. Fence Workshop™ also supplies automatic gates for your convenience and security, a must-have addition to the popular security fences listed above. Don’t wait until it’s too late!

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