The Stalwart Anti-Ram Barrier

Stalwart – Anti-Ram Barrier (Post & Rail)

The Simplest Barrier Solution:

The Stalwart anti-ram barrier is a standalone crash barrier.  The post and rail system is the most economical passive perimeter barrier system available on the market.  The Stalwart standalone design when installed adjacent to an existing perimeter fence, transforms the perimeter into a secure anti-crash perimeter system.


The Stalwart system is the perfect solution when requiring a vehicle barrier that encourages pedestrian movement.  The Post & Rail design can easily be concealed by vegetation or positioned adjacent to an existing perimeter fence.


Stalwart is available in a variety of anti-ram design options. Its multiple anti-ram designations allow the user to find a barrier that matches project requirements for stand-off.

Security Platform:

Stalwart framework is a raceway for wiring, conduits, and/or security cabling required around the perimeter of a project.  This integrated design eliminates the need for costly trenching and boring becoming a value added solution for perimeter security upgrades.


Stalwart Anti-Ram Rating Designations:

  • M50 (K12)
  • PU60
  • M40 (K8)
  • PU50
  • M30 (K4)


The Stalwart system was designed to conceal its anti-ram componentsand provide cable support preventing cable stretch that occurs with non-supported cables.  The Stalwart framework is manufactured of high-tensile steel and is pre-galvanized inside and out for superior corrosion protection.

The stand-alone post & rail design of the Stalwart system is the simplest anti-ram design on the market.  Stalwart can easily be installed in front of or behind an existing fence, or provide vehicular anti-ram protection to guard any at-risk facility or asset.


Stalwart has multiple anti-ram ratings engineered and tested to ASTM F2656 standards.  Ameristar offers several rating options so that each site can be designed for the appropriate stand-off distance from the asset.


  • Government Facilities
  • State Facilities
  • Military Sites
  • Petroleum & Chemical Facilities
  • Stadiums & Event Centers
  • Schools & Universities
  • Hospitals
  • Parks & Recreation


The Stalwart fence framework provides a platform to incorporate various security peripherals required on high security perimeter designs.

Stalwart framework is a platform for security components:

  • Communication & Video cables
  • IDS / Fiber Optic Cables
  • Access Control Wiring
  • Conduits
  • Anti-ram Cabling

CoatIng & Warranty:

Stalwart is coated using Ameristar’s PermaCoat process; this dual-coat finish yields the best results for durability and weathering in the fence industry. Ameristar has over 25 years of experience in coatings, granting Stalwart systems a 15 year warranty.

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