Paulding County, GA Fence Building Regulations, Codes & Permit Requirements

Paulding County, GA Fence Building Codes & Permits

Clayton County GAPaulding County does not always require a building permit when erecting a fence. A permit is always required if the site is located within “Conservation, Historic, Landmark (to verify call ), SPI districts or other districts requiring a Special Administrative Permit (to verify call ).


Fences and walls which conform to the provisions stated herein shall be permitted by the Department of Environment and Community Development. Fences erected for agricultural purposes in the AG-1 District shall be exempt from permit requirements.


Easements: No structure with the exception of fences may be located in, or otherwise obstruct any easement. Fences shall be permitted within easements subject to the receipt of written permission from the easement holder. Approval of the Zoning Administrator and applicable County Department shall be required for all fences proposed for placement in easements which are held by Paulding County.


Paulding County Fence and Wall Codes & Regulations

Fenced enclosure means an enclosure made of wire, wood, stone or other materials which is of sufficient height and strength to act as a barrier against the passage of the animal it is intended to enclose. An “invisible fence” is not an acceptable fenced enclosure for an animal.


Under control means any animal shall be considered under control if it is on the property and/or premises of its owner, or is secured by a leash, chain, or lead of sufficient strength to prevent it from escaping from its owner when away from the premises of the owner. An animal may be considered under control if the owner is accompanying the animal and has voice, whistle or other control over such animal and such animal is trained to respond to such voice, whistle or other control. The burden of proving that an animal is trained to respond to voice, whistle or other control remains with the owner of such animal and a rebuttable presumption exists that an animal which is not confined to the premises of its owner without being secured by a chain, leash or lead of sufficient strength or fence to prevent it from escaping is not under control of its owner.

Confinement of Animals

It shall be the duty of any animal owner to ensure an animal is under control of its owner and to prevent the animal from having access to the property of another person. An animal may leave the property of the animal owner, but the animal owner must have the animal under control and must prevent the animal from having access to the property of another person without the permission of that person, or from attacking, threatening or harassing other persons, or from damaging other persons’ property. No animal shall be allowed to roam free and when not on the property of its owner must be on a leash, or similar physical control device, and in the control of a person.


Any owner of a domestic animal will confine that animal inside a building or fenced enclosure. No animal shall be tied as a permanent measure of restraint, nor left unattended on a chain, lead, runner, cable, rope, leash, or similar tethering device in an unfenced area where people or other animals can wander into the tethered animal’s proximity. Any animal owner restraining an animal without the use of a fenced enclosure will be in violation of this chapter. Animals who are tied on a chain, lead, runner, cable, rope, leash or other similar tethering device as a temporary measure of restraint within a building or fenced enclosure shall not be tethered more than 12 hours in any 24-hour period.


Any owner of a female animal in heat (capable to be bred and become pregnant) shall confine such animal in a building or secure enclosure (sufficient to prevent the female animal in heat from escaping and to prevent another animal from entering the enclosure) to prevent breeding. Any female animal in heat roaming loose or tethered without the protection of a fence or barrier will be in violation of this chapter.


Persons who permit their animals to defecate on public or private property other than their own property are required to immediately pick up the feces, bag the feces, and properly dispose of the feces. Such animal waste shall be removed by placing said matter in a closed or sealed container and thereafter disposing of it in the animal owner’s or public trash receptacle, sanitary disposal unit or other closed or sealed refuse container. This paragraph shall not apply to:

(1) Persons using guide dogs or assistance dogs;
(2) Hunting dogs being used in a legal hunt with permission of the property owner; or,
(3) Law enforcement officers working police trained dogs.

Vicious Animals

Any owner of a vicious animal shall confine it within a building or secured enclosure (sufficient to prevent the animal from escaping and to prevent a person or another animal from entering the enclosure) and will not remove it from such building or fenced enclosure unless it is securely muzzled and under restraint by a person who is at least 18 years of age or older. Any vicious animal not secured as provided in this chapter is hereby declared a nuisance and may be impounded pursuant to the provisions of this chapter and/or confined by the animal control department for a period of 30 days, provided that, if an action is brought in any court of competent jurisdiction concerning the attack or attempt to attack by such animal, the period of confinement may be extended within the discretion of the animal control department, until the entry of a final order of disposition in such action. Further, in any prosecution of an owner or a responsible person of any vicious animal for any violation of this chapter, the court may, upon conviction entered against the owner or responsible person, order that the animal be humanely destroyed.

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