Integrated Systems

Combined Perimeter Security Systems

The System of Systems:

Even with Ameristar’s plethora of fence options sometimes projects require a degree of customization, for this reason Ameristar created several Hybrid fence systems.  These systems combine security fence with mesh option to provide a level of system hardening.  This attention to detail is just one of the reasons Ameristar Fence Products is the total perimeter solution for industrial and high security projects.


  • Security Fencing SolutionsGovernment Facilities
  • State Facilities
  • Petroleum & Chemical Facilities
  • Power Plants & Substations
  • Stadiums & Event Centers
  • Schools & Universities
  • Military Sites
  • Hospitals


Ameristar’s Hybrid systems combine security fence with mesh option to increase the delay time and/or decrease visibility.

Security Fencing Mesh Hardening Options


Ameristar has adapted existing framework components to improve usability with multiple security devices for total systems integration.


Ameristar has multiple industrial and high security fence solutions; each with various attributes that can increase delay and provide different levels of deterrence.  Ameristar is the preferred choice for total systems integration and perimeter hardening.

Security Platform:

Ameristar’s framework provides a raceway for wiring, conduits, and/or security cabling required around the perimeter of a project.  This integrated design eliminates the need for costly trenching and boring becoming a value added solution for perimeter security upgrades.

  • -Communication & Video cables
  • -IDS / Fiber Optic Cables
  • -Access Control Wiring & Conduits
  • -Anti-ram Cabling


Ameristar has multiple anti-ram ratings engineered and tested to ASTM F2656 standards.  Ameristar offers several rating options so that each site can be designed for the appropriate stand-off distance from the asset.

  • -M50 (K12)
  • -PU60
  • -M40 (K8)
  • -PU50
  • -M30 (K4)

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