5 Most Popular Wood Privacy Fence Styles & Designs of 2011

Here they are folks! Our 5 most popular wood privacy fence styles selected by our customers and website visitors via Facebook and Google+. While the largest volume of wood fences we supply are basic wood privacy fences, we are widely recognized for our custom privacy fences and unique designs. From our main wood privacy fence page or each individual privacy fence style page, you can use Facebook to “like” or Google+ to “+1” your favorite wood privacy fence. This years winners are as follows…


board on board style wood privacy fencing5. The Mcworter™ Board-on-Board Privacy Fence: This fence style is loaded with upgrades that really make it look great. The fence’s base design is a board-on-board style that is inset between the fence posts. By insetting the pickets (or exposing the posts), it really makes the fence stand out and gives it a picture-framed look. The board-on-board picketing is the perfect combination of form and function. All wood expands and shrinks and the board-on-board style allows the wood pickets to do so, without creating gaps or buckling up. These features and more are why The McWorter™ style fence tops our list as the 5th most popular wood privacy fence style of 2011. This fence uses concreted 6×6 posts exposed with post caps, [4] horizontal 2×4 frame rails, 6″ board on board pickets, 2×6 top cap, and 1×4 top fascia boards. This fence style starts at $22.18 per foot for pressure treated pine and $29.80 per foot for western red cedar.{FB::https://fenceworkshop.com/the-mcworter-wood-privacy-fence/::FB-GP::https://fenceworkshop.com/the-mcworter-wood-privacy-fence/::GP}


x framed fence style design picture4. The College™ X-Framed Privacy Fence: There’s just something about this X-Framed fence style that makes neighbors crazy with envy. Speaking of neighbors, this fence design can be categorized as a “Good Neighbor” style fence since the X-Framing can be built on both sides. While the back of an average wood privacy fence is the side with framing, the framing on this fence is placed in the front and is what makes the fence style look so good. This wood privacy fence design uses concreted 6×6 posts exposed with dual dado post tops, inset 2×4 x-frame rails, inset 2×6 top and bottom rail, and 6″ pickets. The pricing for this fence style starts at $20.29 per foot for pressure treated pine and $25.00 per foot for western red cedar.{FB::https://fenceworkshop.com/the-college-wood-privacy-fence/::FB-GP::https://fenceworkshop.com/the-college-wood-privacy-fence/::GP}

stanton wood privacy fence3. The Stanton™ Louvered Top Privacy Fence: As you will see in all the top 3 most popular privacy fence styles, this fence encompasses horizontal boards rather than all vertical boards in most traditional style fences. This fence is a standard wood privacy fence with exposed post but is heavily enhanced with a great looking top with horizontal boards that are louvered to increase the weather resistance and life of the fence. In all, this fence uses concreted 4×4 posts, [4] horizontal 2×4 frame rails, custom lattice top with louvered 1×4 horizontal boards, and a 2×4 continuous top cap board. The pricing for this fence style starts at $22.22 per foot for pressure treated pine and $34.40 per foot for western red cedar.{FB::https://fenceworkshop.com/the-stanton-wood-privacy-fence/::FB-GP::https://fenceworkshop.com/the-stanton-wood-privacy-fence/::GP}

Great wood privacy fence design and pictures2. The Pearl™ Louvered Privacy FenceIt turns out our louvered fence is our second most loved fence. This louvered style encompasses horizontal as well as vertical boards. The horizontal boards are overlapped like planks or shingles on a roof or barn so water easily runs off. At Fence Workshop™, we love this fence because of it’s weather resistance but most of our customers are in awe of the privacy fence design’s esthetic appeal. We designed this fence to bridge the gap between traditional and modern style fencing. This fence is loaded with upgrades like 6×6 post with dual dado tops, [6] 2×4 frame rails, horizontal louvered 1×4 boards, and 1×3 custom fascia boards. This fence style starts at $43.46 per foot for pressure treated pine and $73.00 per foot for western red cedar.{FB::https://fenceworkshop.com/the-pearl-wood-privacy-fence/::FB-GP::https://fenceworkshop.com/the-pearl-wood-privacy-fence/::GP}

horizontal board fencing styles1. The Skyline™ Horizontal Board Privacy Fence: Drum roll please… This beautiful modern fence style takes the cake in the number one spot this year. The Skyline™ is a beautiful designer horizontal board fence style that is great to encompass anything from a whole backyard or just a small patio. This fence is nothing short of amazing and has a contemporary and progressive look that is sure to make the neighbors jealous. This fence has 4″x4″ posts, 1″x6″ and 1″x3″ horizontal boards and is available with additional upgrades if desired. As always, this fence style can be built with pressure treated pine and/or cedar lumber as well as exotic lumbers if desired. The fence pictured was built with ipe (ironwood) lumber. This fence design starts at $13.50 per foot for pine, $24.99 per foot for western cedar and up to $85.00 per foot for exotic hardwoods.{FB::https://fenceworkshop.com/the-skyline-wood-privacy-fence/::FB-GP::https://fenceworkshop.com/the-skyline-wood-privacy-fence/::GP}


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