3 Rail Majestic

Montage Plus 3-Rail Majestic Steel Fence:

Fence Workshop™ proudly supplies the 3 Rail Majestic Steel Fence:

We supply our montage 3-Rail Majestic steel fence by Ameristar in Georgia, Florida and North Carolina. This sleek looking, high strength steel fence is manufactured by Ameristar Fence Products™ here in the United States. It comes with a best in class manufacturer warranty. This fence is a great option for customers looking for security and majestic beauty. We offer so many accessories and customization options its hard not to see that with Fence Workshop™, you get a truly personalized fencing experience.

More on Our Pricing:

Below is the current average cost per foot for supply of this Ameristar™ Montage Majestic fence. This is only an average price per foot and actually costs may be higher or lower depending on footage and other conditions. To obtain an accurate per foot price, shoot us an email at info@fenceworkshop.com or just give us a call at (404) 973-2911. Our staff of metal fence professionals know Ameristar fencing better then they know their families! While this is a sad thing for our installers personal lives, it makes them some of the most knowledgeable and intelligent fence planners in the industry – and they look forward to sharing their knowledge with you!


4 Ft Tall 3-Rail Montage Majestic Fence (Supply) $19.99
5 Ft Tall 3-Rail Montage Majestic Fence (Supply) $21.99
5 Ft Tall 3-Rail Montage Majestic Fence (Supply) $26.99 (With Rings)
6 Ft Tall 3-Rail Montage Majestic Fence (Supply) $23.50
6 Ft Tall 3-Rail Montage Majestic Fence (Supply) $28.50 (With Rings)

Customize Your Steel Fence:

Optional adornments for this steel fence include: rings, scrolls and ball caps for posts.

3 rail majestic style fence accessories scrolls montage plus 3 rail majestic style walk gates

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